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Saving Multiple Color/Surface Options

Hi All,

I've been running into a new issue lately, and was wondering if anyone has found a system to overcome it.

Clients are asking us more and more to help them with picking colors/styles, and we obviously try to oblige. We also like to save the various color (surface) options that we come up with, so that we don't have to make the same surface changes 5x times (you all know how often the clients want just one more shot from a different angle, or "add black shutters this time").

The problem that I have is that we're winding up with multiple .pln files that are practically identical, save for a few altered surfaces. Which means that instead of 30 mb of space for one project, we're ending up with 90mb+. Dragging copies of the 3d elements off to the side is one possible - albeit messy - option for small/simple projects. But with more complicated models, this can become pretty taxing on the computer.

Has anyone found any better solutions to this? Presently, we're on AC22, but we're about to upgrade to 25 in the next few weeks.

Thanks Much,

Archicad 25 – macOS Big Sur 11.6.1 – 27" iMac 2017


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