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Selections and deselection

A couple of questions..

1. Keep selection after ungrouping
Is there a setting I can change that would allow for the selected objects to still be marked/selected after using the command "Ungroup"?

2. Deselection
Is there some key I can press in order to deselect everything that I mark? So that I can make a square with the cursor and deselect part of my selection without unwillingly selecting any other objects.

3. Retrieve selection
If I accidentally deactivate a selection, is there a way to retrieve it without having to go back and reselect every item?
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Does anyone know of a method to "deselect" elements, such as canvea asked in question 2 above?


For example, if I select multiple elements, and then want to deselect a group of them without accidentally picking up more elements to the selection. The shift key will only select OR deselect elements as they are included in the selection window of the arrow tool.


If you're familiar with Sketchup you may have used this capability there, with the options of key shortcuts to select/deselect (shift), add to selection set, and remove from selection set.

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The shift key allows individual +/- selections as well as applying +/- to elements within a selection area. It does get a bit messy if the selection area over laps with previously selected elements as these will then toggle out of the selection. Is that your problem area?


You can have a polygon or rotated rectangular selection area as well if that helps? 

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The shift key doesn't quite have the capability I am looking for...


An example I'm struggling with is if I have lots of 2D linework, and I have a group selection. Sometimes elements are overlapping or nearly overlapping, and it would be very convenient to hold down two keys (shift + ctrl, for example), and use the arrow tool to deselect a group of elements without having to avoid picking up new elements in the selection set in the process.


To perform this function in AC with the shift key requires individual selection clicking, carefully picking which items to deselect from your selection set.


The goal here is to be a insanely fast drafting machine, not a picky clicka.

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2021 MacBook Pro 16" 32GB Apple M1 Max
MacOS Ventura 13.2.1


Yeah... it would be nice if they introduced individual select / deselect toggles rather than just having this hybrid selection...

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If you have grouped your objects and you have grouping enabled, then you can select/deselect that group with just one click.

If they are not actually grouped together, then you have to pick each element individually or sweep a selection area over them which can cause problems selecting/deselecting other elements in the same area as discussed before - depends on whether you use a rectangular or polygon selection area and also partial or entire selection method.


If you know you will be constantly selecting a particular bunch of element, add them to a group.


If you can post an image of what you are trying to select, someone may have an idea for you.



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