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LCF creation


Am I missing something...

I have created a collection of related objects & macros which are neatly organised in the Embedded library in sub folders. The create LCF option only seems to allow export of the complete Embedded library which is full of all sorts of irrelevant development & test objects. How do I narrow down my selection to the sub folders?

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I have never created LCF's from embedded libraries so I can't offer specific advice and to be honest the protocols I use for LCF's is based on nuances I noticed more than 5 years ago. However, I have found two things:

1. All loaded libraries seem to affect the creation of the LCF, specifically embedded libraries such that I now ensure that the only objects loaded are what I want in the LCF. I don't use embedded libraries in my creation process so all my LCF's original as a folder I load into the link libraries; however, When I create and LCF from this linked folder it includes any embedded objects that I may have loaded by chance.

2. Overwriting an existing LCF with a new save does not update the objects within. Therefore i create a new LCF every time, then delete the old LCF and rename the new one with the old ones name manually.


Things may have changed in the last 5 years but I would know because I have my safe method that works every time, so i haven't reexamined it.

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@Kristian Bursell Thank you for your observations they are very helpful. I have been developing as embedded as it just seemed an easy sandboxed solution before taking the objects into general use. LCF isn't a necessity for me and given the problems you describe I will abandon that option. Thankfully these are in house use only so no desperate need to consolidate for sharing. Although it would have been good to be able to click the required embedded subfolder and export, which should have updated everything and I haven't forgotten to save a modified file. Oh well, back to file export one at a time...

Apple iMac macOS Big Sur / AC24UKI (most recent builds)


Guys, I would like to pay your attention to the fact, that keeping your development GSM files in Embedded library is not really good idea, because if Archicad crashes (and during writing and testing GDL Archicad crashes quite often - because of wrong variable, array number zero or infinity loop - all that happens to anyone with no exception) - there is a big chance to loose more data then if the library saved as separate folder on disk. There is also a risk (quite small, but still) to loose the whole data if Archicad file will become corrupted by some reason. So, keeping development library as separate folder also gives easiest solution to making LCF files - you just connect folders, that you want to convert to LCF, as separate libraries and after converting them.

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