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Plugin - layout automation

I'll be in a meeting with a company doing Revit add-ins we're about to discuss Archicad plugins with similar functions. I need to figure out a few thing before.
The Revit addin is a direct connection for an RFP-system for hospitals. The system describes functions and components for every room in the building (hospital projects). It's a type room thing and the as the rooms are created in Revit then send back the unique room guid to the the db keep track on all unique rooms as well as which type room they are based on. After that Revit load components automatically into every type room according to the RFP (they come in as a pile of components in the middle so the user need to arrange them properly). Then the system creates a legend of components in every room and creates a layout for every room (elevations and the legend and possible a 3D-axo...all labeled automatically). That was a short description of the concept.

Now I need to figure out if, in Archicad, a layout can be automatically created from an Interior elevation group through an addon? Also the zone that resides in this IE should produce the legend of components and put it on the layout (maybe the legend should be a gdl-object!? Bloating schedules with several hundreds of "room content" schedules is not very user friendly so I keep my fingers crossed a gdl-objekt that calls the objects related zone...).

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