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UI_LISTFIELD width and height ineffective


The width and height of the UI_LISTFIELD don't seem to work.  Width with work up to 99 pixels, but then just jumps to full width.  Height doesn't make any difference at all.


This results in an 'out of tab page bounds' error, and also means you can't place other controls.


AC24.  Haven't tested in AC25.


This is only in the preview window while scripting.  Seems to work once you place the object.  Makes it a bit hard to test.

Bruce Walker

-- since v8.1 --
AC22 6025 INT Full | macOS Mojave 10 | 3.2 GHz Intel Xeon W | 32 Gb RAM | Radeon Pro Vega 56 8 Gb

AC 25 seems to have it too... it was not in 23, however this error (out of bounds) is ignored - so So You can do any size of UI - horizontally it may be acceptable (IMHO) - and would look like the Rendering settings which has to be resized to get the proper access to controls, but vertically even if the ui page is bigger it snaps to defaults - of course it is possible but it would be usable little harder for normal users.


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