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About building parametric objects with GDL.

Model view options dialog box should work as object-tool settings



Following comment / improvement wish/ report from GDL-developer. Object settings works correctly, but in Model view options, the settings window works erroneously if the boxes width and height isn't defined.

Please, change the MVO-dialog box in following ways:

1. make MVO to retain it's window height when it's individual tabs are opened and closed (when sizes aren't set)  & element width shouldn't get wider by itself once user stretches' back and forth (for instance in UI_LISTFIELD).

2. UI_LISTFIELD should be fixed so that it respects the given value, not be stretched according to window width (if it's under 600). If the width is given to be zero, could , UI_LISTFIELD stretch to window width automatically.

3. If UI_DIALOG is given the width zero, it could be aligned to left instead of centered and width could be default (600).

Attached sample picture of centered and stretched settings in MVO