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What is a API_Gable?

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I try Element_Test example and construction

nGable = BMGetHandleSize ((GSHandle) memo.gables) / sizeof (API_Gable);

always return 0.
What is the API_Gable ?
When it must be no zero count?

When I cut a volume element.
When I subtract another from it.
When I cut under the roof.
When in 3d I cut with a secant plane.
Always nGable is zero.
Please help me understand, maybe I'm doing something wrong?

Tibor Lorantfy
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Hi Tsepov,

API_Gable defines a cutting plane applied to a spatial element.
A gable can be generated by a Beam, Ceil, Roof or Shell element, the cutElem member defines the type.

Simply create walls and a single-plane roof, cut the walls with the roof and the walls will have a gable.
I recorded this workflow for you:


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Hi, Tibor!

thanks for the answer
I understood why API_Gable
Unfortunately, not quite what I need.
I need to get the configuration of the hole in the wall where the window is not a rectangular shape.
And also where to get it for the wall when the hole is made by the hole element
Help me please.
I am doing work now for a key user of ARCHICAD.
It is very important.

Ralph Wessel
Perhaps Tibor might have some easier suggestions, but this is a difficult problem from past experience. The only way to be sure of the window opening shape is to compare the 3D body of the wall with and without the opening, probably necessitating making a copy of the wall (and probably connected/cutting elements). This can yield a list of polygons that make up the opening, but note that:
- The opening on the wall inside might be different to the outside
- If the wall is curved, both the inside and outside openings will multi-facetted (echoing the wall faces).
Ralph Wessel BArch

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