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parametric custom doorleaf bug


i wrote a parametric custom doorleaf in Archicad 25 5010 che full. (subtype "Eigenes Türblatt" / "custom doorleaf")

when i drop the .gsm into a new file, at first it works like a charm.

but when i reload the library the dropdownmenu in the door settings gets empty and stays empty, no matter how many new doorleafs i create in whatever way. (safe selection as doorleaf, or create from scratch)

the problem even occurs when i change a non parametric doorleaf  a tiny bit. like adding a single "!" to the end of the first comment line in the 2d script.

normally every custom doorleaf gets listet in the Door_Panel_Collection.gsm
but as soon as the error occurs, this collection gets empty. why?
the problem is the same for other elements like door knob or shutter panel etc.
are these subtypes not meant to be modified? if not, why?

does this happen in every Archicad version?




Check that your door panels do not have conflicting GUIDs.

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as clarification for other users:

the coll_guid and coll_name was the problem (as stated the link above)

Erwin Edel

Sometimes we still get the bug that door panels 'disappear' from the model (we have unique GUIDS) and the list. In this case if we open one of the custom panels and save it, this forces a rebuild of the panel collection library part and everything re-appears.


Still no idea what causes it, it happens very infrequently and this work around takes 30s. It might work for you as well.

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