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Archicad Label Tool Problem

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I've been a long time user of archicad and I can not for the life of me work out why my work colleague's label tool isn't working.

In my Elevation - Sections, I have the window and doors labeled. I label these using the Label tool, and the ID label option.

I can add this to any door, window, object anything. However my work colleague doesn't get the option to use this tool in his elevations, sections. I can even open the job he is working on and add the labels into the project. I can then save the project with a few of the doors numbered, but if he opens the same project his doesn't give the option either.
I have tried loading my LCF life from my hard drive, and that doesn't solve the issue either.

Refer to attached Images....

I hope someone knows the answer to this....

Label Tool 01.jpg

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Are you using Cadimage tools? Or some other third party admins?
If so the ability to use the library parts from these tools is usually locked to your key plug


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Cheers for the reply Scott.

Yes we use cadimage tools. But it wasn't an issue with the cadimage tools. I overlooked the geometry method of placing the label.

So problem solved...

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