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Autotext Display View On/Off

This has driven me nuts for years.... is there any way to view the Autotext field name/id rather than its content?!? A simple view display option that i'm missing? For example I'd like to see what content on my (old) layouts is simply text (edited directly on the layout) vs Autotext (edited via the project info settings). There has to be a way to see "#LayID" rather than "A-101" directly on the layout without digging through info settings.
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Eduardo Rolon
Copy the items in the layout into a worksheet or the floor plan. I usually do not place items in Masters and link to a worksheet so that I can edit all of them at once.
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ejrolon wrote:
Copy the items in the layout into a worksheet...
Thanks for the suggestion but still looking for a way to simply toggle the view between autotext id and content.

As a reference (or point of familiarity for those that don't know what i'm asking for)... Think of a word mail merge field or filemaker database field or excel cell formula, all have the option to view the field name itself and/or the content in that field. Is there not a way to do this with Autotext in Archicad?
Design loving, technology geek. USA
Archicad (v25) - MacOS (12.3) - MacbookPro (M1Pro)

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