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Cabinet 2D Detail Level


Hi, I'm trying to manage the 2D Detail Level for the new Archicad 25 cabinet objects.


The objects have a 2D Detail Level parameter which can be set to: (by MVO, Low, Medium, Full). Attached below are screenshots of the different detail levels for reference.


My desired result is:

1/2" Plans: show Cabinet Contour Line as Hidden; show Sink and Tap as either Medium or Full. I have achieved this by using a faux-"Blank" line type for the Carcass Contour Line and setting 2D Detail Level to Full. Basically I want to see a dashed Cabinet Contour Line, and I don't want to see the Carcass Contour Line at all.

1/4" Plans: hide Cabinet Contour Line and Carcass Contour Line. show Sink and Tap as Medium. This is where I'm stuck. It seems that the only way to show the Sink and Tap on the object, rather than just showing the hole in the counter, is to use Medium or Full, which also show the Cabinet Contour Lines.


My current solution is to use a blank line type for Cabinet Contour Lines and Cabinet Carcass Lines, which will hide them everywhere, and then to draw them manually with drafting lines as I need them. Of course this is less than ideal, as it defeats the purpose of BIM.


Please let me know if there is a better solution, and let me know if there's anything I can clarify. Thank you!



After posting this I'm thinking I'll just use a separate object for the Sink so I can control its detail level separately. (Also allows me to put the Sink on the appliances layer and the Cabinet on the millwork layer.) Still will keep an eye out here for better solutions.


That and some other issues with the AC25 cabinet objects are discussed here. The sink issue is acknowledged as defect DEF-595. Let's hope that they will come up with a fix!

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