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Saving LightWorks Rendering Engine Settings

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Having done a quick search about saving rendering settings I've found a few rather manual methods to save Sketch settings (using the text document SketchTextures.txt) but that was quite a few years ago now. I understand saving a view in the navigator might do the trick too?

I am using AC15 and am wondering if there has been an improvement on saving rendering settings in these recent versions of AC, especially with the LightWorks Rendering Engine.

Why I want this at the moment is because I want to quickly switch between a quick low res draft render and a more extensive final render for many images of the project. This involves changing the size of the render, resolution, quality options and occasionally even the background options (adding a sky behind).

Thanks for your help!
Anyone have some 2012 breakthroughs?

David Maudlin

If you are using the LightWorks engine, then the rendering settings can be saved as part of a View.

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