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Splitting Archicad Files - Losing Issuance dates

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Hi everyone.
I recently split a project file into 2 part as it was ballooning in size during working drawings.
The layouts were simply moved to a duplicate blank Archicad file and delete from the original.
All fine and and working seamlessly until I go to publish the next issuance and realize that all previous record of issuances of each layout has been deleted from the title block (I us the Detailing Revision History Library Object v22)

Of course my question is canI get these Issuances to reappear? As not all pages were issued in each issuance so I would have to go back to manually managing these - as well as recreating the old data on each layout.


You probably should do it differently.
If you merge your working file with empty ArchiCAD file and choose to merge Layout Book - then all your drawings are placed correct but issues and revisions are lost.
Instead you shall copy your working file, delete everything from plans and using Drawing Manager re-link your drawings from original file.

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