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What would be the easiest workflow to have objects placed below walls?


Right now with my current override settings if i want the outline of my walls to be a thicker line weight than my objects, and as a result of the default display order, any object placed against a wall will be displayed above that wall and its thicker line weight. I know that by default walls are placed on the display order level 7 while objects are on display order level 8, therefore my current workaround is to select all objects and move them down one display order level, while selecting all walls and moving them up one level. However this becomes tedious when new walls or objects get placed. There must be some sort of faster solution to this?


 2 Screen Shot 2022-02-04 at 12.33.28 AM.png


Barry Kelly

Unfortunately not.

We are not able to alter the default display order.


The only solution I can think of to help automate it is to alter the object to draw a thicker line in 2D where it will be touching the wall.

That is fine if the object is always against a wall.

You could make that line use the same pen as the wall line - therefore it will be the same.

If you have different lines in different walls you could add a parameter to the object to allow you to change the pen colour.

But then that is probably just as much work to select the object and change the pen colour as it is to send behind.

More work than just selecting the walls and bringing forward (if there are multiple objects).




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