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2D Preview in Schedule displaying incorrectly on Layout

Paul Roper

Hi there,


I'm having an issue with the appearance of a 2D Plan Preview in my placed schedule.


The object that I'm trying to display has a 1mm thick black outline from my pen set, and has a Graphic Override (or Renovation Filter — I've tried both) applied to change the color only; from black to a green from another line in my pen set (I will note here that this green line is by default 0.25mm thick).


I have managed to get my object to display how I want it in the Plan view. When I go to the schedule view, the appearance of the object in the 2D Plan Preview corresponds correctly to how the object appears in the Plan view.


My problem arises when the schedule is placed on the layout: the pen thickness in the 2D Plan Preview of the placed schedule view changes from 1mm thick to the 0.25mm thick line.


Where am I going wrong?


(I have checked the Drawing Selection Settings of the placed drawing and it matches the pen set I am using in the schedule. The Show Headline box is unchecked — I'm aware of that issue and how it can impact 2D Plan Previews).

Plan View - how I want it.PNG
schedule view - correct.PNGlayout view - incorrect.PNG

AC23–26 3001 NZE | i511400F | 32GB | GTX1650

Did you set the same scale to a schedule as you have for the plan view?

Mac Studio 2023 (M2 Max), macOS 14.5, AC 27 (Silicon-based), 5030 INT

An interesting question, which I hadn't considered. The scale settings on both the schedule and the plan view are the same.


After investigating a handful of different scale settings and combinations, I can say with confidence: I do not think my problem is related to the scale settings of either of the views.


Thanks for your thoughts!

AC23–26 3001 NZE | i511400F | 32GB | GTX1650