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Any way to import survey coordinates as "coordinates dimension" object in archicad?


I have a txt (or csv) file containing x, y, z coordinates from a total station. The points are 300 and refer to specific points on a building (not on landscape).

I want to convert each set of coordinates to a "coordinate dimension" object. Is there an automatic way to do this?

I've been doing it manually for years and would appreciate any ideas!


Not natively in archicad, but you could definitely use the archicad grasshopper add on. 
It’d be a fairly straightforward grasshopper script, read the csv, extract the xyz coordinates, create the co-ordinate object at each xyz location. 

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Thank you for your valuable reply! I try to find a solution 4 times a year!!!!

I haven't used the grasshopper add-on, but I will definitely do it to fix this problem (I will also ask a friend to help me).

Do you have anything else you can tell me to guide me in a more specific way?


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