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Colour Replication/ Colour Profiles

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Hi There

I just want to ask about using colour profiles in Archicad
as archicad is a cad package it doesnt necessarily support colour profiles in the same way a graphic design software package does.

And sometimes that can be a problem
When you are wanting to accurately produce pdfs or coloured paper of gloss prints and cad documents to present to your clients

for example when importing images such as jpegs into a layout book
when printing them to a colour pdf or print the colours will not be accurately represented as archicad does not seem to have any control over its colour profiles such as:
RGB, sRGB, Adobe RGB, CMYK etc.

Now using colour calibrated monitors surely would be of some help
but if archicad doesnt have control of its colour profiles how can we
produce technically correct colour or pdf documents?
we can not

not without moving everything over to a graphic design package such as Adobe In-Design or Illustrator

I touched on this previously in my last topic, some time ago
with printer/plotter CMYK colour replication:

Just wondering if there is any plan to implement colour profiles in Archicad in future?

And how are other businesses dealing with this same problem?
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What is Graphisofts reply to this?

I was fiddling with printer settings today
the output for printing directly from archicad seems to work best from Adobe RGB

any thoughts regarding the rest above?