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Composite Floor Slabs

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Hi there,

I have modelled my latest build using only composites for floor slabs and in one level for instance, I have different floor finishes and different Core (Concrete) thicknesses as per the Engineers drawings. Hence I have a few composite slabs joining together with the same finish floor level to make the overall slab.

Due to this, I have outlines running everywhere through my plan view, as these represent the change in composite slab because of a different core thickness or floor finish. (See attached screenshot)

Hence, How can I hide these lines?
More specifically, shouldn't these lines disappear and the slabs merge together if the composites share the same building material for the floor finish?

Help will be much appreciated,

2014-03-21-Composite Floor Slab Connection Outlines.png

Barry Kelly
Unfortunately the floor plan is not generated from the 3D model like the elevations (and obviusly the 3D view itself) are.
It is just a 2D representation so you are not seeing any surface materials.

Look at your slabs in 3D and if they have got the same surface material you will see they are joining together.

You have 2 choices I can think of easily.
One is to use white lines to cover the joins. (Watch your pen thickness is the same as the lines for the edge of the slab).

The other is to put the floor slabs in a layer that is turned off in the floor plan view (but is on for sections, elevations and 3D views).
This doesn't help though if you are using cover fills to represent you floor finishes.
In this case you would need to add separate 2D fills for this - which is what I tend to do because you often have the smae slab but different floor finishes so this saves modelling individual slabs for each room.

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This is definitely something that should be addressed by Graphisoft in future versions going forward then.

I have used cover fills, to maximise the use of the BIM model, hence the second workaround defeats this purpose.
I want to eliminate almost all independent 2D documenting tools in plans, sections, elevations to eliminate error and workload when changes occur.

But I used the first workaround and its efficient for now.

Thanks Barry

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The way I deal with this is to have a single top slab that is the same thickness and then add the thickenings below either as beams or as slabs on my beams layer (shown dashed), I also have set downs as solid meshes on a floor set down layer that are subtracted via SEO form the slab that way I can turn off the beams and floor set down layers for floor plans yet turn on for slab drawings, sections elevations etc


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