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Custom Surface Catalog: issues saving out surfaces to .gsm file


I am in the process of creating a Custom Surface Catalog for our office in AC25. I have been ceating custom surfaces using this method:


1. Normally when I 'Export to GSM' it creates a SurfaceName.gsm, FillName.gsm and a folder [TImg] textures with texture image inside. A few of my surfaces are also exporting another Pattern.gsm file (see screenshot) when i save them out and I am unsure why, does anyone know what this file is or what is causing it to generate??


2. I had primarily been using jpeg's and png's as the Surface Texture Image. I have since tried to use a .bmp as the Surface Texture Image as they were available on Colorbond website.. I am now having problems with my library becoming corrupted and windows file explorer crashing until I remove the folders containing .bmp files. Has anyone encountered this problem? Wondering if it has something to do with the file type...


Thanks for your help!!

Screenshot 2022-04-29 171625.jpg
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