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Details vs. Worksheets

When do you typically use the detail tool versus the worksheet tool? I'm having trouble differentiating.
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Technically there is no different apart the name. They are identical.
I've seen some architectural practise, that used worksheets for detailed floor plans and details for details. I'm using worksheets only as independent where I'm placing DWG files for reference - like topographic surveys, existing plans and elevations from surveyors, DWG or PDF from architects and engineers or scanned sketches. With Trace and reference tool then I can compare my model with DWG.
Some users using worksheets for drawing legends.
And details are details...
Although they used to have more differences (like the Detail tool didn't used to be able to pick up annotation, which it can optionally do now), one subtle difference is that the detail window will be at twice the scale of the original, whereas the worksheet keeps the same scale. Also, the Worksheet has a one-click ability to capture the entire plan or drawing, unlike the Detail tool.
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An article about the slight differences:
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