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my dimensioning tool works fine.  however i have one wall that it will not dimensions 

as always i click on the left wall and right wall, but when i double click for it to show the dimensions it will only show the left wall width and nothing else.  doesn't show the room size and the right wall width. 

i checked the right wall and cant seem to see anything wrong with it.


Check this link will help you create linear dimensions :

with wall thickness you will find cursor looks like bold Mercedes mark and rather than no. 5 to left click you can right click and choose ok then place the dimension line.

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Barry Kelly

I assume you are doing horizontal or vertical dimensions.

You will probably find the wall you can not dimension is not horizontal or vertical - i.e. not perpendicular to your dimension line.



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Thomas Holm

I’d like to elaborate a little on Barry’s reply. What you describe happens to me when the walls I’m dimensioning aren’t exactly parallel. You’ll have to correct that, or place hotspots on the second wall to get points to dimension to. 

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