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Disappearing Sections

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<t>I have dealt with a problem for quite a while with a work around, assuming that eventually I would figure out my "user error", but alas no solution has materialized and my frustrations lead where I should have gone in the first place...I hope.<br/>
This seems to only happen with building section creation and annotation. I create a building section...I dimension, annotate, use 2D drafting overlays, etc. Switching from drawing to drawing, switch trace references back and forth and it continues to will work and even with closing and reopening (as a test). I move on to other drawings in the session...days can even go by. There is no discernible pattern to the event. I will come in the next day, switch to the section and it disappears. The 2D information, fills, labels and dimensions are right where I but them but the original model information is gone. <br/>
I have checked the layer sets..everything I can think of, but to no avail. Interestingly enough though...if I I turn "all layers on" it shows back up, but that is counter-productive to just leave all the layers on most times. <br/>
I have been copying the section to recreate it and then copy and pasting the 2D information on top...that is getting old. I would appreciate any illumination on this subject and please let it be my simple stupidity.


Have you tried to rebuild your section? View / Refresh / Rebuild

You also can set section to manual rebuild in Section Settings.