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Door / Window schedule layout margins do not match layout


More issues, hopefully someone will be able to solve this one.

Previously in Archicad you could have a door / window schedule exist as one view in the view map, place that view on the layout page, crop the view to fit and create multiple cropped viewports on the layout page from that one initial cropped view. To give you an idea, you could crop the view to be halfway over a window and it would be cropped at exactly that point (showing half of the window.)


This was the only way to have door and window schedules line up perfectly (the restructure command is awful when you are trying to fit as many windows / doors on a certain sheet).


In Archicad 25 (although it may have also been the case in Archicad 24), when cropping a window schedule viewport, the viewport automatically restructures itself removing the window which is partially cropped.

I do not want this to happen.


I want complete control as was previously provided so I can actually get the schedules to fit on the sheets and match the way they are setout in the schedule view. I do not want Archicad to automatically restructure the window schedule every time the extent of a crop changes. 


Further to this why do the margins for columns in window / door schedule view on the layout sheet bare no resemblance to the margins for columns within the view itself? I can set the columns to exact widths within the view of the schedule but once its on the layout sheet Archicad 25 just does whatever it wants and changes the column widths. This is extremely annoying as the window / door schedules have plenty of notes in the 2d elevations of the windows and doors, so with Archicad automatically changing column sizes on the layout page stuffs up the legibility of all the notes for the individual window / door elevations.


Using Archicad 25 on Mac Monterey with all the latest patches for Archicad and Monterey.

I will check if this is happening on my windows computer at home.

I assume this is considered a "feature" rather than a bug.

I just want the window / door schedule to behave as it did previously without automatically restructuring everything anytime happens to the schedule, and with the column margins for the view on the layout sheet to match the column margins I have set within the window / door schedule view.


I have tried every combination of frame setting - fit frame to drawing, split drawing among multiple layouts, manually resized frame and manually resized frame with crop drawing to frame. None of these allow for the behaviour I want and there doesn't seem to be an option within the scheme (schedule) itself that would affect this.


If anyone knows how to fix this that would be great.



I figured out a solution, although I don't know why this works because I didn't change any settings.

If you clone the folder for schedules from the view map and place the view from the cloned folder on the layout sheet, then you get access to the old behaviour where Archicad does not automatically try to restructure the window and door schedule anytime you do anything - ie you can have the window / door schedule crop halfway through the window elevation and it won't restructure itself when updating.


If anyone knows a hidden setting somewhere that achieves this without having to clone folders in the view map let me know.