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sirduncan wrote:
I'd like to have a single plotting file that can hold each of the revision verisons. So while working with the conceptual stuff, I can print that set. But when I get to prelims and finals, I still want the copy of the conceptuals.

I know I can do this with multiple files, but I want it within a single plotmaker file.

Is this possible?
As a matter of interest, how do people deal with this, and the issue of maintaining initial concept drawings as the project evolves?

There are probably several options, like archiving PDF copies of preliminary sketch plans, breaking links in PM to prelim drawings, multiple PLN files for different phases of design and drawing, or just careful manipulation of layers and display options.

I'm finding the line between preliminary sketch plans and construction documents becoming increasingly blurry, with one phase just merging into the next. Trying to maintain a single model with multiple output styles is sometimes not easy, especially if you get into CD's and then are required to show preliminary type drawings of modified designs.

I'd like people's opinions on this, I'm sure there are many different views.


We keep separate PLNs and BLKs for each version in the sketch phase like jobNo_SK-01a, where SK stands for a sketch. BLKs have similar numbering but they don't have to necessarily follow the numbering of PLNs as the book can include several variations issued under only one Option-01. So typically we have PLN files, lets say, 05104_SK01a, 05104_SK01b, 05104_SK-02a but only one book 05104_OPT-01a that includes links to all the PLNs. And we store all books and PLNs in the superseded folder. PDFs/DWGs get stored (a hardcopy as well) only in case of exporting/sending them to consultant/client for a reference (and liability reasons)

DA (Development Application) phase is using completely different template and naming (it's the same with CC/Tender/CD) so we virtually draw the bottom line after every phase of a project documentation. But it's usually one PLN/BLK file business (either solo or teamwork one).

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