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Drawing table date


Hello we have an issue about drawing table date representation.

Prosess is as follows.

To identify changes we use alphabets A B C... per drawing.

Example ARK-321-4301 A, is a project 321, drawing 4301, revision A.

To get that we have to cheat and use revision history name as revision A. 

In revision tool we use description text to describe changes in drawing, then we get description to list of changes.

revision A we can pic up to drawing label and to lists.. 

All is almost ok except date.

In attributes (list of drawings) we call date from "revision history" to get date to list of drawing but there we can select only a long version of time?  We need to get a short date to the list..  How we get that? 


Can changes tool fixed so that it is possible to crate multiple A revision marks... now tool has only rev symbol and description text but could it also have a place for drawing number to separate changes?


My exaple jpg:s are in Finnish sorry about that.. 


revision history date to list of drawings.jpgList of drawing atributes.jpg
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