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Foreign Language Fonts in Archicad

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Does anyone know a way to turn off foreign language font styles eg Arial Greek, Arial Central European etc etc - its a pain scrolling down and trying to find fonts
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How about the fact that, most of the time, the new word processor in ACX does not show all of a multi-line group of foreign font text when one goes to edit/change something ??

I usually have to type out the whole thing over again.

Same problem when first entering foreign font text, like Hebrew, it doesn't consistently show you what you are typing. I just type "blind" and hope for the best.

A M A J O R step backwards from earlier versions.


ACX, WindowXPHome and Pro
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kliment wrote:
Switch to AC9! It os ok there!
AC9 gives the same no result
So the question remains! Is it possible to fully use foreign language fonts in AC INT on Macintosh
Mac users, please help!