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Inconsistent 3D document views (Perspective vs Parallel)

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Hi all,

In AC17, I've set up a material with a vectorial hatch attached to it (symbol fill type). I've attached this surface to a slab. When creating a 3d document with this slab, if the document is created from a perspective projection, the hatch will show up in the document, however if a parallel is used to create the 3d document, the hatch will not show up.

Both 3d document settings are the same, set to show vectorial 3d hatching. And there's no differences in in model view options or structure display.

What's going on here?

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I just created two 3D docs as you suggest, but no problem.
Vectorial hatching shows up in both docs.

I know you already checked, but look at the 3D document selection settings, under 'model display', then 'uncut elements' and double check that 3D vectorial hatching is checked.

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Thanks for the reply.

I did a double check and the 3D document settings are all the same.

I've since stumbled across an inconsistency in the problem that might reveal the reason behind it. A different symbol fill that I created did show up on an axonometric 3d document, where the original one I was working would not. the only difference between these two fills is the number of lines in them. they were both created from the same place using the same method.

Could it be possible that there is a threshold for the number of lines that can be used to make a symbol fill, and going over this number makes the fill behave incorrectly?

Look forward to any thoughts on this one

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I'm away from my desk, so I can't verify this, but there are several categories of fills. It may be that the category (vectorial, symbol, image, cover, etc) is not supported by the parallel projection.

As far as number of lines - dunno - but strongly doubt it. I presume you would see a 'solid' appearing fill in that case.

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