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Labelling Elevation materials


Hi Community,


I am trying to produce a drawing that labels the different materials on an elevation. I would like to colour coordinate the elevation.


I could just draw a fill over each of the different elements on the elevation, however this will mean that the associated ID and properties of the material won't be linked to that fill that I am drawing. Is there a better way to do this, perhaps a graphic override of some sort? I only want the materials coloured for this particular elevation view.





I guess you could create a general property for elements with an option set for color code. Depending on that properties you can then generate graphic override rules for each given option, e.g. for the option "green" you'd select a green color surface override, for "red" a red surface override and so on.

Then you just have to join every color override rule into a graphic override combination.

I haven't tried this before, but it should work.


If you have all materials set in element properties, then you could assign graphic override rules for different materials and join those the same way as above into a graphic override combination. 


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Hi, ive done it for different structural elements with graphic overrides and it works beautifully and automatically once its set. As Miha_h says, I think you can do the same but with materials (one color rule per material)

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