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Shaded Elevations - how to achieve pure white? How to achieve solid+transparent areas within fills?

Hi, just wondering how people are getting white painted elements in shaded elevations to appear white, rather than grey? I cannot seem to find any surface definition characteristics that result in this outcome. Also, has anyone come up with a cunning...

stair components labelling

Hi guys, i'm working on an interior design project, i made a fully detailled stair, when it comes to labelling i can't label structure to show it's profile, material, dimensions, i can't label treads to show their material etc.. how to do that please...

Hiding AutoText when no data

Hi - in sheet and drawing titles, how can I prevent unwanted display of the auto text field name when that autotext field as yet has no data? Currently, if there is no data for a field, instead of showing no data (i.e leaving blank) as it should, the...

Stair cover fill

I'm trying to figure out how to display a cover fill on a stair to represent the finish, just as I would with a slab etc. WIth a slab, you can use the fill of the surface, so if the surface / building material changes, the fill changes too. I can't f...

Bruce Expert
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Expressions for layouts and drawings

Hi everyone I'm new to expressions in ArchiCAD, and I was hoping to create a conditional expression for the 'scale' portion of our title block. Essentially, I would like it to show the scale of the drawings on the sheet if they are all the same, and ...

jrmrt Contributor
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Hi everyone! In electric plan, I want to highlight electric symbols/electric related lines and have floor plan and the rest in back ground/pale grey. I tried to make new GO combination but it shows everything except text in grey, attached. Thanks.

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