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I have the same wall & the same door on plan. In one wall the door swing shows on plan, but in the other it shows as closed. I have encountered the same issue in other walls and door in this particular project. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
We have multiple Archicad computers in our office, each with its own standalone license.We have not set up work-sharing on the server yet. All our Archicad drawings are saved on the server, and is often opened by other persons on other computers in t...
I have found that the Wall component schedule does not matching Wall composite profile.This is rather worrying.... I seem to have 2 additional layers in the wall schedule that does not exist in the composite profile. Am I doing something wrong?
I keep on losing the detail lines when I rebuild a detail from the source view. I've copied the detail as it should display when I rebuild from source view, but I keep on getting a grey image. Any advice?
Hi,I have dimensioned and entire plan in "core only" view. To make it easy to snap to the core.But when I switch back to "Entire Model" the dimensions vanish.What am I missing?
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