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Drawing Manager to purge unused views


I'm trying to use the Drawing Manager to find drawings in the View Map that isn't on a layout, and to find drawings in the Project Map that isn't linked to the View Map.


I'm not sure how to do that.

Is the Drawing Manager the best way?

I cant seem to understand how to filter so I can delete the un-used views?

ArchiCAD24 - since Nov 2020
Revit - 2005 to 2020
Windows 10 Pro
2 screens: nvidia quadro RTX 4000

All Drawings are placed. Internal drawings are Views placed on a Layout and External Drawings are either placed on a Viewpoint or Layout. So everything item shown in the Drawing Manager is placed somewhere and you can se where and if it external or internal.


For the Views - here's a wish for being able to do that easily - until then you could try this workaround.