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(Lack of) Printing from ArchiCAD 8 (Mac OS10.2, G5 Dual)

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Recently upgraded to ArchiCAD 8.0, and, to celebrate, also splashed out on a couple of new G5 macs (dual processors) running Mac 10.2.....

Plotting drawings from ArchiCAD or Plotmaker to a HP450C works OK via Plotflow.

However, printing is proving to be a pain. On our Ethernet network we have a HP Laserjet 4000 (supported by 10.2), and Epson 5000 StylusPro (not directly supported by 10.2, but working, albeit painfully slowly, via Gimp-Print), and the HP 450C Design Jet (via HP JetDirect box), which can now operate both as a plotter and now printer, courtesy of Gimp-print.

However, we can't print from either of our G5 computers from ArchiCAD directly, to any printer (other programmes print fine). We just get a 'no page to print' message (or something like that) in the print centre. The only way we've found we can print is to save the document as a PDF file from the print dialogue box, then print the PDF file from the standard Mac 'Preview' utility - which works, but is a bit of a pain.

Any suggestions?...are we missing something ridiculously obvious?

Other of the Mac.s is plagued with a error message box which vanishes again almost instantly (normally too quick to read) but which we now realise is a 'can't detect protection key' message. Have tried the dongle in different USB sockets, and have swopped dongles with other computers, but the same computer is still this most likely to be a fault with the computer's USB, or is there a known problem?

The drap a copy feature seems to self cancel if you adjust the zoom/pan mid-command?...mildly irritating. I personally still keep trying command-i for drag a copy, and am distraught that it doesn't seem to be possible to jiggle the keyboard shortcuts to revert to the old one. Any why on earth are shortcuts different in Plotmaker....

The scroll bars also seem a bit unhelpful at times.

But, obviously, there's a lot of good improvements too..specially with the links to Plotmaker...just a pity we can't print anything.

Any suggestions or tips regarding any of the above will be gratefully received...




yes - the restart was all that was required. i generally do use cocktail to automate the process, but recently i've been installing quite a bit of software and just repairing the permissions as i go . . .

fingers crossed - there has been nothing else to worry about . . . .

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Thomas Holm
Thanks, Ben.

I guess it's time to dare Panther here too. But someone here is using a Palm thing - I read somewhere that Panther breaks the Palm conduit. Have to check that one first.

AC4.1-AC26SWE; MacOS13.5.1; MP5,1+MBP16,1

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