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Level of precision continues to baffle

Patrick M

This shouldn't be possible. top dimension string is to the grid circle. Bottom is to the grid where it meets the wall. I checked grids, walls, and dimensions. Everything is orthogonal. 100% positive of that. We even took Grid 2, snapped it directly to grid 1, then moved it back exactly 7'; and it still has the rogue 1/64"
I know the 1/128" issue, and I'm sure that is somehow in play here. But WHY?! If we can only dimension/annotate/desgin to 1/64", why do we continue to chase 1/28" out of our models? It seems there has to be a way to get the tracker/input to match the level of precision and avoid these sorts of issues.

And it's not just dimensioning that this is a problem for. Abutting walls show lines in elevation if they are off by 1/128". Things don't clean up in section if they are off. Models get out of orthogonality real quickly when there are 1/128" offsets.

Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 2.38.01 PM.png

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Hi @Patrick M,

I don’t suspect your precision & how you drew orthogonally but really I’d like to have a close look at your file, as you like to upload here or send a private message.

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