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Magnet behaving differently on Layouts

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Two projects open, one began by me, one began by a co-worker.

When I switch to my project, the magnet behaves as I always experience it in all windows, including layouts: Hover over an item long enough it turns color ready for selection; hover and hold shift it turns color immediately ready for selection; hover and hold shift then tab to rotate through multiple items if present.

When I switch to his project (even though I've edited and saved as another name) everything works the same EXCEPT ON LAYOUTS: when on a layout hovering makes no change until I hold shift and then hit tab.

I have made sure to apply my profile in both projects (which includes my Prefs, Shortcuts, Tools and Workspace Schemes) to no avail.

Any ideas? Thanks for the help.
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That sounds like you have the master layout settings toggled to
Display Master Layout : Above Layout. (just above the Drawing Placement section)
Flick it over to Below Layout and it should be all golden from there.

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