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PDF rotating Horizontal Floorboard Fill Lines to Vertical Lines


Hi there Folks,

I see from the posts that there does seem to be some issues with PDFs.  Mine seems to be consistent though.  My Ground Floor Plan and its associated Drawing Plan, all show the Deck Flooring, drawn as a Plank Floor
Fill as horizontal lines, which is what I want as this shows the Decking to be laid parallel with the stairs, which it should be.  However, when I print the Plans out, the Decking shows in Vertical Lines, definitely not what I want to show.

I have attached both the PDF Output and a Screenshot of the Drawing Plan.

Any ideas or suggestions would be most welcome as I am desperate to get this sorted out..





Hello @AgFoxKiwi ,


Did you publish a PDF or did you print a PDF ?

What is your PDF parameters if it deals with a publication ?

What is your OS and you Archicad version ?


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Hello Christophe,

Thank you for your reply.

The PDF was created from the Print function from the Plans in either the Layout or the Publisher Sections.  In both cases the Outcome was the same, with the Decking Plank Fill being rotated.


My Operating System is the latest version of Windows 11 running on an i9, 16GB RAM and a NVIDIA 3070 Graphics Card.


My Archicad version is 25 build 5010 Education Version


The PDF was created from the File - Print Option, - The Printer Selected was Microsoft Print to PDF - The are only a few options, such as Paper Size, Orientation, Print Quality  and the Print Range, so not a lot of Options.

The PDF Reader is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Version 2022.001-20142


Hi there Folks,

I have managed to resolve the problem.  In considering how PDFs are created from Vector Drawings, I wondered if the process Archicad uses to orientate Fills might affect this. 

So I changed the Fill Construction Method from 'Link to Fill Origin' to 'Link to Project Origin'.  As to be expected, all the Drawings and Plans showed the Plank Floor as Horizontal (as previously), but low and behold, when I printed it to a PDF the Fill remained Horizontal, as required.


So, it would be interesting to hear what the Graphisoft Developers, or any knowledgeable people, may to have say about this.

What ever they say, I am just pleased that I can finish this Project and move on to the next one.  In the future I shall have to carefully consider how I choose the Construction Method. 

I can't believe that this hasn't arisen before, as Plank Floors and Corrugated Roofs, on the Drawings don't always run in the same direction as the default Fill direction, hence the ability to alter this using the different Construction Methods.

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