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Parameter of Zone Names




I am currently working on a BUA calculation schedule of different plot types with different villa types.


Is it possible to create a Parameter that will get the value (area) of a specific zone by its name? For example, I have a zone name of PLOT-01 and I want to be able to get an automated calculated area of that from a paramater/expression. The reason why Im trying to get this is that I can use that value as a quotient to another parameter. 


I hope my query is clear.


John Carlos
AC25 | iMac 2019

Hi John,

Not very clear. Let me see: I believe you're trying to create an Archicad Property (not a parameter) for Zones, that reads the Area value of another Zone by using the other Zone's name as a reference?

If so (Assuming I understood correctly), the short answer is no.

The issue behind is that Properties can read and manipulate only general file values (globals), element Parameters and Properties of the same element, not others. So no cross reference from the property values of one element to another are permitted.

Now... you could create a Field in Project Info and manually update the value of the targeted Zone. and use that. It is not automatic... but better than nothing.
I also have the feeling that one could do some back and forth by using the old Listing/Property Objects.  The scripted objects would be able to combine values from several linked objects (zones in  your case)

I'm afraid the latter may be too cumbersome nowadays for what you're trying to achieve.

Hope it helps

Nando M

Nando Mogollon
Director @ BuilDigital
Using, Archicad Latest AU and INT. Revit Latest (have to keep comparing notes)
More and more... IFC.js, IFCOpenShell
All things Solibri and BIMCollab

Hi Nando,


Yes, I was made aware that the schedule will not calculate values from one element to another. But I did the same thing you did where I added parameters to each zone in order to get the numbers (the plot area, in this case) to be used as a quotient for my expression.


Anyway, thanks so much!

John Carlos
AC25 | iMac 2019

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