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Quick Graphical Quality Checks with Archicad

Gabriel Dantas
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

With the improved Graphic Overrides now RGB colors can be selected for Background Fill Pens and 3D surfaces in Graphic Override rules. This way, you do not have to create separate pens and surfaces with a specific color to highlight elements if you would like to synchronize your 2D and 3D representations. It helps to keep views consistent across the whole project, simplifying the BIM workflow and increasing productivity.

New Graphic Overrides options

Control and adjust the look of documentation sets need to be easy and intuitive to quickly communicate the visual information with no need to waste time on workarounds.

Graphic Overrides are more flexible than ever, thanks to new options to choose custom RGB colors for Surface and Fill Background Pen overrides. Now, there is no longer a need to create a matching pen and surface to synchronize visualization between 2D and 3D views

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