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Railing appearing white with no lines on elevation.


Hello everyone!

I am having issues visualizing the rails in elevations. As shown on the attached, I can see them in the proposed Renovation filter but i cant when it is on Existing filter. 

I have tried messing with the renovation tool, Display order, Graphic overlay, layers but i cannot figure out how to resolve this. 

All the railings are appearing white with no lines, therefore, i cant really see them on the elevations. 


I hope this issue have a solution and not a bug. 



@Rikshay_SJM wrote:

... I can see them in the proposed Renovation filter but i cant when it is on Existing filter. 

I have tried messing with the renovation tool...


Renovation has quite a number of settings that work and play together. Only you know the project (maybe it is for renovation, maybe settings just got messed up).

When you say the renovation tool you mean the renovation filter options? the reno palette? the overrides linked to reno?

By the looks, the first simple solution is to select the railings, open their settings and check the renovation status (or use the reno palette with the active selection, also check if the show on current renovation filter option is set, maybe it shouldn't be). Set them to existing and see if that solves the issue.

If you then need different renovation filters, work the settings for the objects, then the renovation filter options (for each filter check the show/override/hide object settings), then review the graphic overrides for each status, then use the filter in your view.

Best regards.


Did you find an answer Rikshay? I also have railings which appear differently in existing/proposed. No overrides, have checked renovation settings, can only assume a glitch?

I'm on Archicad 24 Solo UKI 7001

Part screenshot below:



Railings have an overall renovation filter status, but each component of the railing can have its own as well, and it may be different.

Go into EDIT mode and see if the components have the same renovation status.


Otherwise in Model View Options, there are overrides for the surfaces at different levels of detail - but I don't think it is that.



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