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SCHEDULES: Sub reports like most DBs


When listing first started, there was talk of being able to concatenate schedules. Well its only been about 25 years but would like to bring it up again...unless I missed something along the way

I am compositing a lot of single line or small schedules that would be automatic if they would all size together and act like a sub report eg in Access, where you could drop them on to the page and they dynamically size according to data and create a single contiguous report...


I dont normally do documentation myself but I am prepping my daughters house and was following along with some work by better architects around the area...the amount of fiddling they do is painful...not sure what they are on but obviously its all manual. The layout of data tells me does look like AC...refer the pic below





This is where I am up to... all live but snippets and when the vary data inputs change they would have to be manually 2024...hmm they shouldnt



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