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Storey number in different lnaguage versions

Lukas Zeleny

HI, i have run in to a problem with parameter "Home Story Number" in different language versions of Archicad. We wanted to use home story number parameter to describe zone code so zone coud be copied from one story to another and woud change their code automaticly. Problem is that we use International and  Czech version of Archicad in the office at the same time (international team of architects). And these language version dont have same storey number for ground floor nd consequently neither do the others. In INT version it is "0" an in CZ "1".

When we create file in CZ version and open it in INT version it shows different story numbers so all calculations and schedules are wrong.

Whats the reason Graphisoft did this and is there solution which will provide same results in all language mutations?

Are there other fundametal changes in language mutations excep language transaltion?




You actually don't have a "0" story number in the CZ localisation of Archicad?!! That is strange.

I think this question should be addressed to your local GS representative as they are responsible for any region specific trims.

But that is just one more thing added to why I hate all those localized versions as the world is turning more and more into a global market and many offices are working beyond their national borders or have people from other localisations involved in project development. There should be a One to rule them all Archicad with any local standard settings available on demand!

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I will definitely contact my local distributor. But I wanted to start this topic among users who may have experience with other mutations and thus provoke a discussion about whether it is necessary for language mutations to differ in other things than the language itself.

There are, of course, different local market practices, but my view is that these differences should be written in the manuals and it should be possible to turn them off.


The USA version does not have a '0' storey either.

As you have discovered, there is not problem sharing the model between different language versions - the model will remain exactly the same and storey number convert to suit.


The problem is because you are listing or labelling the actual storey number.

It is still correct for each version - it just may not be what you want to see when you compare the two side by side.


Why there is this difference I am not sure anyone actually knows.

I wonder if there might be a registry key somewhere (Windows - I think plist on Mac?) that might control this?


As far as I know that is the only difference in the actual way the program operates.

Yes there are language specific libraries and add-ons, but they can be added or re-moved.



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