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Teamwork Font and Model Visualization



I'm new to Archicad and started a Teamwork project with a coworker in the office. On my software I see fonts appropriately and in this case with the casework, I see knobs as well. My coworker however, shows that they have the correct font's but it's not displaying properly. We've checked and the fonts are installed on the computer. There aren't any brackets around the font names either, but for whatever reason it's not showing correctly on his software. 

Similar issue has occurred with casework. On my project I can see the casework correctly (knobs show up). But on my coworker's sofware, they are not visible. We've checked settings, layers, MVO, etc. and they are all set the same. So we are lost at what to try next. 


Thanks you in advance.


Also, we are both running A25 with BIMcloud. The computer that's showing correctly is an AMD CPU and NVIDIA GPU. The other computer is an Intel CPU with NVIDIA GPU. 

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