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Text Editing Glitch


Hi All, First post so hoping someone can help, and only back on AC after a long break . I am running MacBook Pro M1 with 64GB with AC26 and AC-ARM. I was hoping the ARM release would resolve my text editing glitch, but no.

When I edit text, then click out. My cursor will move but it won't drag the text or select anything, it comes good after a few minutes or after I go file and then save.

Support didn't have a solution so reaching out to the community to see if anyone else is having a similar issue?



Hi there, I'm using a Macbook Pro with M1 Pro, but didn't have any issue with the Text tool in AC26. Could you please share a short video so that it's easier to understand what happened?

BIM Manager
DKO Architecture - HCM

Hey There, thanks for your reply. I have uploaded a short video. You can see when after I have edited the text. I can selected something then try and drag. The it freezes. At times the cursor won't even allow a selection.

It can be random as well. It may not start happening initially when I open AC.

So it happens with all elements, not just texts then. To me it looks like input/display issue. From the screen record, I assume you're using an external display? Does the issue happen on the internal Macbook Pro display?

BIM Manager
DKO Architecture - HCM


Thanks Minh, there has been a few issues running dual monitors. However, problem only became apparent when I installed AC26.

I have now upgraded macOS to Ventura and the AC26 to the ARM edition. Glitch seems to have gone.

Appreciate your time in responding.

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