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Text Width making all text overlap and shift


Hello, I would like to know if anyone has had the issue where I have to use 75% width as our standard format coming from Autocad and now using Archicad and the same width is making my text overlap when exiting the editing text box. I would greatly appriciate any tips.

Screenshot 2024-02-21 144404.pngScreenshot 2024-02-21 144410.png


Check your Tab Stops?


Oh, your images are showing the formatting changing when you exit...

AC version? There has been version specific text bugs in the past.

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Looks like you are not using TAB points to control the arrangement of your text.





Maybe that will help.

This is a little different to just using the TAB key to space the text by set amounts.


Or maybe it is the 75% width that is messing things up.

That will affect the automatic TAB spacing (just pressing the TAB key), but should not affect the TAB points.

You do have to add them for each line, but they are easy to place and move around.



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Thanks for the suggestion, It seems its beyond tab points. When i type lets say a few paragraphs, and exit out of the text box it appears to be ok but lets say i seem to move around and come back to the text box and I have now zoomed out or in, the text is shows different in the text box and I continue to type, it still overlaps or shifts and is not aligned anymore. Tried the copy paste method from Word and still nothing. I could just make the text in AutoCAD and bring in as PDF but then our text wouldn't be uniform with the rest of the teamwork project.

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