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Hotlinks and Intersections


In the past with more complex projects I've done my steelwork design on a separate .pln and hotlinked it into my working drawings and vis-versa.


However, I've been working on less complex projects for a while but reverted to the above method for the first time on v.27 and it appears I now have to handle the hotlinks differently to previous versions.


Previously, when I hotlink for 'reference only' I put the 'hotlink master layer' on intersection 0 so it doesn't intersect with my live elements but this isn't working and I now have to select all my current projects steelwork layers and change them to 2 (from 1) to avoid losing them to building material intersection priorities.


Yes I know I should set my steel priority higher but in the past 0 has always worked. Has something changed does anyone know or any other methodology?

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