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Twinmotion 2021 Does not Import All Archicad Data

Matthew Stevens

I have been trying to work with TwinMotion for the first time, and it has been very frustrating. I am using Archicad 25 (build 4013) and TwinMotion 2021.1.4. I am using the Datasmith pallet that was provided on the TwinMotion website to pull my model from Archicad into TwinMotion. I am telling TwinMotion to "Keep hierarchy" when it imports my model.


I am have been trying to get a nice render out of TwinMotion, but I keep finding components that are not being imported from Archicad. I have included an example of some gas lanterns by the front door. The only way that I have found to get the missing components into TwinMotion is to totally delete my model from TwinMotion and import everything all over again. The only problem with this method (other than the obvious inconvenience) is that I will find new missing components when I pull the model back in. 


Does anyone have any idea how to fix this issue?



Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni



Thank you for sharing the issue and I am very sorry to hear that!


Unfortunately, since this addon is developed entirely by Epic Games, we don't have deep access to it. Have you tried to export the model to Datasmith format and import it into Twinmotion?


Other than this, I suggest posting the question to Twinmotion support here:

They should be able to help you with further investigation.


Thank you very much for your understanding! Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Best regards,


Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer



Thanks for the follow up. I did try exporting my model to a Datasmith file, but sill ended up having the same issues. 


I will reach out to TwinMotion support to see if they can provide any additional information.