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hotfix pls for for AC12 "paper sizes not selectable"

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I was going to post this on "wishes" but could find the right category...

Can GS please issue a hotfix for AC12 as they did for AC13 (hotfix 2 build 3235) which fixed the grayed out paper size options when trying to print.

I switch back and forth between an HP 110+nr and an HP 2840 for A4's a real pain when you just want a screen print and don't want to go through Publisher (make a view, place on Layout, save as PDF) and then print though the PDF viewer. This takes time (and every minute counts sometimes); also the file size increases with every view saved and "laid-out".


Barry Kelly
I know this is a work around you shouldn't have to do but it might help.

Save two (or more) versions of your printers each with a different default paper sizes.
Give them approprate names like HP110-A3 and HP110-A2.

Then when you print just choose the one that suits your drawing paper size.

Or am I mis-understanding the problem.
I have no trouble choosing paper sizes - on PC in version 12.

One of the forum moderators.
Versions 6.5 to 27
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Thanks Barry that's a great idea - I'll tell you if it works.

...and I believe it's a Snow Leopard on Apple Mac problem only - it was working fine with the previous OS...


Rod Jurich
Moji wrote:
/...........and I believe it's a Snow Leopard on Apple Mac/...
Moji, that is correct.  Snow Leopard/ArchiCAD issue.
Fixed in latest 13 hotfix, but anybodies guess if GS do likewise for 12.
Keen to see if Barry's tip works for you.
Rod Jurich
AC4.55 - AC14 INT (4204) |  | OBJECTiVE |

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Barry wrote:
Save two (or more) versions of your printers each with a different default paper sizes.

Moji wrote:
I'll tell you if it works. doesn't work as I don't have the option of anything larger than an A3 on the printer set-up from system preferences window, and yet all are shown (whether grayed or not) on the page setup in Publisher on AC12.

I guess I can set up an A1 using the manage custom sizes from print menu in AC...not ideal but it should work.

Thanks again

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Thank you Graphisoft for the Hotfix!!!

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