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Default Pen Setting method


hello please help

Is there a command to control the pen settings in the red frame of the image in GDL?
Also, if there is a way to control the pen settings, please let me know.




Barry Kelly

If you mean changing the default pen used for that object, you have 3 choices.


1. Set up a favourite for every object that uses the pen colours you want - not practical.

2. Edit the default script parameters of the object in the default library - again not practical.

3. Change the colours in your pens sets so that pens 4 (and other pens used in objects) is the colour and thickness that you want.


Changing the pens in your pen sets to match the objects is the best option, so you do not have to mess around altering the default objects.

Otherwise every time the library is updated (which is not often but happens at least with every new version of Archicad), you would have to amend all of the default objects again.



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Hi Barry.

I understand how to operate pen settings in GDL.
Try to set the pen according to the object.


Thank you.

Hi minami,


I posted a while ago about this subject :


We made the choice to create our own pen sets and to update Archicad library objects with the correct pen numbers rather than having to work with graphical overrides or suffer the overly complex original pen sets of our default country template.


The script is not easy to use but it works quite well and I use it every time we update Archicad (every two versions). You can save your settings to facilitate the next library modification. 


Hope it helps



Hi Johan

It was very interesting.
I found it very convenient to use.
Let me be the reference.


Thank you.

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