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GDL Reference Guide for AC 27

David Collins

I'm not seeing a GDL Reference Guide for AC_27 in the Documents Folder of the INT version. Can we expect to see this soon?

David Collins

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Barry Kelly

I know the main Archicad reference is no longer included in the installation by default unless you choose to download it during the installation.

Maybe the same is happening for the GDL reference guide as well?

It is missing from my AUS installation as well, although I did choose not to download the main manual.

I get the feeling it may have just been missed out from the documentation.

The calculation guide is also not included (although that is a bit out of date now anyway).


I believe this is the latest guide available on-line ...

Not as easy to use as PDF though I think, I like to just flick through the pages.


Let us hope that the GDL reference can make it into the Product Help forum here in the community ...


Especially as each version has its little differences, and the on-line version I assume is only for the latest commands, so some new commands won't work in older versions.



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Joachim Suehlo

As far as I know, GS has not brought out a GDL manual this year and will not do so.
You can find the latest new GDL features here:


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Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

You can access the GDL reference guides here:


The PDF format is available from the Library Developer Toolkit, see here:

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin

I use GDL, it has been embedded in AC since forever, why do I now need to register as a developer to download the GDL manual...



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The access to the Development Kits were always restricted, it's not a new thing. However, I was not familiar with the other link Róbert shared here, but you can access the PDF free of charge, without any additional registration there.

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin

That is just the link that happen to be in Archicads "Help" menu, Noemi.

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Yes. What does this information change on my post? If it was only about highlighting I'm not familiar with the Help menu in Archicad, I'm afraid I can confirm I'm not familiar with every bits and bobs of Archicad...

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin

Haha, no don't worry. Just a another piece of information, and confirming it's not a "secret" link. 😉

Lucas Becker | AC 27 on Mac | Editor at SelfGDL | Developer of the GDL plugin for Sublime Text |
«Furthermore, I consider that Carth... yearly releases must be destroyed»

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