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Hard coded reveal to wall face


Hello, is there a way to  hard code to set the window to Reveal to Wall Face as default?

I'm not making an ordinary window, is a laboratory passthrough cabinet where I don't need to set any options related to windows, only the opening.



Barry Kelly

The reveal is always linked to the wall face.

The thing is each wall has an outside and inside face.

You tell it which of these faces to link to when you place the window.


There is no way that you can place the window on the inside face and have it automatically flip to the outside face.

You have to choose the reveal side with the first click as you place the window (outside/inside).

You then click to the left/right outside/inside of the window/door to determine the swing and which side the door window faces.


The direction it faces is independent of the reveal side.


In GDL you could maybe then check WIDO_REVEAL_SIDE.

If it is "1" (opposite of the reveal side you place with the first click) you could maybe then MUL2 1,-1 in 2D and MULy -1 in 3D to reverse the inside/outside of your window.

This will force the widow to model itself inside out when the reveal is placed on one side of the wall and the widow direction is on the other side.


Personally I think it is just easier to just script the window normally, and then just make sure you place it correctly on your plan.

i.e. click the reveal and direction on the same side of the wall.


But even if you do script this, it will still be possible to click the reveal side (first click) on the other side (inside) of the wall, so it will still be inside out if you want it always on the outside.

You can't control where the user clicks for the reveal side.


Does that make sense?






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Very well explained. I had a problem with that too. Now everything is explained



Thank you for the time taken on explaining it, grateful about it.




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