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Hello, I might be going crazy, but in the elevation I noticed that some meshes are having a pattern on it. I'm honestly clueless why this is happening. On the 3D script I'm calling a sburoutine, nothing fancy here. the Master script is empty and the ...
Hello, I have a pyramid object using the pyramid command, but I would like to show the angle of each face in the floor plan. Is there a way to obtain and display that kind of information? Juan
Hello, Is there a way to use a label to calculate the volume of the built-in house model object? I'm familiar with GDL is that's the only way to do it. Juan.
Hello, Is it possible to add more options to a built-in tool? Let me explain, for example I would like to add couple more profiles options to the Beam tool, but no idea if that is even possible. Juan
Hello, Is there a way to assing arbitrary/custom color to some hotspots in GDL? The topics I found are way too old and not sure if this has been implemented in recent versions. Juan
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